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Make Every Message Count. Over 8,000 e-commerce/DTC brands trust SmartrMail to grow their audience, engage with customers, and boost online sales. It’s your turn now.

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Already Tailored to Your Business with Industry-Specific Automations

From fashion to beauty to food & beverages and everything in between, SmartrMail is the go-to solution for modern businesses across different industries.

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Delighting over


fast-growing DTC brands

Hear straight from DTC brand owners who use SmartrMail to grow their list, reach the right users at the right time, and increase revenue:

SmartrMail has absolutely changed the way I do business and has MOST certainly made me money. I started using SmartrMail because it seemed to be the most user-friendly for a noob like myself. There happened to be an update at some point when I was not active, and it seems as if the functionality exploded ! If I were to give SmartrMail one critique, it would be that they add tips and hints as some other CRM platforms do. This is not to detract from a 5-star performance from SmartrMail!”

RockSolid Scales, Founder & CEO

Delighting over


fast-growing DTC brands

Hear straight from DTC brand owners who use SmartrMail to grow their list, reach the right users at the right time, and increase revenue:

We changed to SmartrMail some time ago (we were using another Email Marketing Integration that frustrated us no end - !) SmartrMail is one of the 1st integrations to offer Automated Product recommendations email, and their Automated Emails are really easy to create, and have many features. SmartrMail is a great app offering all the welcome/abandoned cart/thank you emails automation that any online business needs - and MORE!- We hope that they will integrate with other apps for reviews and cart checkout features soon - I do look forward to some more design features that would make our emails look even more polished - We highly recommend SmartrMail their Customer Support is EXCELLENT, and the Pricing and Marketing Features are on point !!!”

Bomd Body, Founder & CEO

Delighting over


fast-growing DTC brands

Hear straight from DTC brand owners who use SmartrMail to grow their list, reach the right users at the right time, and increase revenue:

The team behind SmartrMail is fantastic! I've had issues setting up the service, so my questions were quickly followed up on and resolved by friendly support people. Simply instantly through the chat ! When I faced difficulties with delivery to mailboxes on, the people in SmartrMail quickly investigated the reasons and helped me to make my business work better. They are seriously interested in HELPING YOU GROW, not just like many other services that only want your money. I am serious about this.”

Capron Arts, Founder & CEO

Features fast-growing DTC brands need to sell & engage - no missed opportunities.

Convert visitors into subscribers

Grow your email list your way. Maximize email list growth with high-performing pop-ups that turn website visitors into subscribers and ultimately drive revenue.

Build your email list

Deliver personalized product recommendations

The secret to a successful online business? Knowing your customers better than they know themselves. SmartrMail's AI-powered recommendation engine does just that. With insights into each customer's browsing and purchasing patterns, recommend the perfect products every time.

Send Personalized Recommendations

Put your messaging on autopilot

Build personalized automation workflows to engage and guide your customers every step of the way to conversion. Be it a welcome series, cart abandonment, win-back sequence, or cross-sell/upsell emails, let SmartrMail take care of the details so you can focus on the stuff you love.

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Send what people want to see

Say goodbye to spray-and-pray email campaigns and hello to hyper-targeted messaging. By dividing your audience into targeted segments, you can deliver personalized campaigns that drive results. Whether you're looking to increase sales, build better relationships with your customers, or simply improve engagement, SmartMail has everything you need to succeed.

Start Segmenting your Lists

Team up with your favorite apps

Take your email marketing further. Connect SmartrMail with Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto, and other favorite tools you're already using to run your e-commerce business and make life a lot easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmartrMail use AI and my store's data?

SmartrMail uses an in-house AI recommendation engine to predict products that subscribers will likely be interested in based on their past behavior, such as purchases, abandoned items, clicks, and views on your website.

In addition, SmartrMail employs conversational AI technologies, including OpenAI, to create highly branded and customized email content.

SmartrMail users can quickly install the software on their e-commerce store, review and customize automatically generated content, and automate their essential workflows within 10 minutes without compromising on branding or results.

What features or qualities make SmartrMail different from other email service providers?

Most email apps offer the same features, allowing users to send the same types of newsletters and set up the same types of automation. However, not every merchant is an email marketing expert, which means that designing and setting up a decent automation system can sometimes take years.

DTC brands using SmartrMail on the Standard plan do not have to waste time going through that learning curve, as they can rely on SmartrMail’s Customer Success team, which is composed of email specialists with years of experience in email marketing. Their goal is to get more revenue from email marketing for your brand. Their number one task every day isn’t to work for SmartrMail; instead, it’s to work for the brands using SmartrMail, hopping on calls with them and advising on the next low-hanging fruit that can take them to new heights.

On the Unlimited plan, we go the extra mile by matching up your brand with email experts hired from leading email marketing agencies who will organize, design, and write your entire email automation flow. Whether you opt for the exceptional help of our Standard plan or the "Done for you" coverage of our Unlimited plan, think of it this way: We have hired the best of the best, but they really work for you and your success.

What types of automation are available on SmartrMail?

SmartrMail offers all the must-have automation triggers that form the basis of e-commerce flows:

1. Welcome email series, abandoned cart email series
2. Browse abandonment email series
3. Back-in-stock email series
4. Thank you email series
5. Review request email series
6. Birthday email series
7. Win-back email series
8. Nurture email series, and much more.

Does Smartrmail offer other marketing channels?

Absolutely! SmartrMail offers Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and integration with other marketing channels opening up a broad range of possibilities. DTC brands sending SMS campaigns benefit from a wider reach when announcing flash sales which are more and more critical as more and more brands reach out to the very same audience.

On top of that, SMS notifications can be included in every SmartrMail automation in order to send the right offer to the right subscriber at the right time through the right channel.

Regarding integrations, SmartrMail’s integration with Facebook allows DTC Brands to create segments of subscribers matching specific criteria to create custom audiences in their Facebook ads account and ultimately retarget them through email + Facebook at the very same time. With so many channels to pick from, your brand will always be at the forefront of your subscribers’ minds.

How does Pricing work?

Most email apps charge merchants based on the number of contacts in their audience list. Email apps often count “every” contact, including subscribed and not subscribed contacts, when calculating the size of their audience. We find this practice deceptive since it means being charged for contacts that merchants cannot email. At SmartrMail, only email-subscribed contacts are counted towards the total size of your audience, which means that merchants never have to pay for simply “having” a not subscribed contact in their list.

On top of that, these same email apps often charge merchants based on an arbitrarily picked “range of subscribers,” meaning that merchants can be charged hundreds of dollars more just by adding one contact to make them go about a specific threshold.

At SmartrMail, merchants can be on any of our paid plans regardless of the number of active subscribers that exist in their list.

We do not force merchants onto any plan based on the number of subscribers, which means that they can freely pick based on the features they’d like to access. Moreover, subscribers are charged on a one-per-one basis, meaning that there isn’t any threshold after which merchants' bills change all at once. You won’t have to worry about growing your list anymore, just like it should have been with these others apps.