Relay acquires Relo, the predictive repeat revenue platform for e-commerce merchants

Relay acquires Relo, the predictive repeat revenue platform for e-commerce merchants

Last Modified:
March 28, 2024

Relay Commerce has completed the acquisition of Relo, the repeat revenue platform for e-commerce stores. The strategic acquisition will add Relo’s market-leading predictive AI that powers repeat orders and new subscribers for hundreds of stores globally to Relay’s conversion optimization software suite. 

With the addition of Relo, Relay now offers a powerful suite of customer retention solutions. Relo’s product offering is closely aligned with Relay’s portfolio of solutions designed to help e-commerce merchants attract, convert, and retain customers.  

Relo analyzes customer data and predicts cross-sell, repeat purchase, and subscription growth opportunities from existing customers to drive repeat revenue. Relo’s personalized marketing flows drive both new subscribers and incremental revenue for merchants, with Relo often performing as a merchant’s top marketing flow and delivering ROI as high as 26x.

“Since we began following the Relo story almost a year ago, the team executed on an impressive trajectory made possible by an exceptional product offering and an obsessive focus on driving results for merchants. We’re looking forward to partnering with the Relo team to expand our broader customer retention offerings and maintain that focus on helping merchants succeed”, said Austin Simon, Director of Acquisitions at Relay Commerce

Harvey Hodd, CEO at Relo, added: “We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done over the last two years to build a product that customers love globally and to have found a home with Relay Commerce, which allows us to explore the new use cases that come to life with unified technology!”

About Relay Commerce: Relay Commerce is a conversion optimization suite for e-commerce brands offering a “full-funnel” solution suite to help merchants attract, convert, and retain customers. The Relay solution suite currently drives more than $1 billion in aggregate incremental gross merchandise volume for more than 35,000 merchants. 

About Relo: Relo is a repeat-revenue platform designed to increase replenishment, cross-selling, and new subscribers for fast-growing e-commerce brands. It now powers the retention programs for global brands like Absolute Collagen, Blueland, DIRTEA, and Soylent. Learn more about Relo at

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