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Ricardo Hinds
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to co-founding Relay, he was the Portfolio Director at SureSwift Capital, a platform of 40+ SaaS businesses, where he directed the entire portfolio and 100+ person team. He first joined SureSwift as a product manager and grew the e-commerce software portfolio organically and through acquisitions before assuming oversight of the entire portfolio.

He started his career as a systems engineer for Bank of America, managing technical migrations for acquisitions. He is based in Atlanta, GA.

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Ricardo Amorim
Director of engineering

Ricardo leads all things Engineering at Relay. He has been tinkering on the Internet since the era of dial-up access and has a special interest in anything that's high-performance, elegant and efficient. Before Relay, he was a Principal Engineer at SureSwift Capital. Ricardo loves the outdoors, immersing in new cultures and tasting great food.

His 3-year-old Golden Retriever Zen fully endorses this adventure, and every day reminds him to be super excited about the simple things in life.

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Petra Rijo
Portfolio ceo

Petra is a Portfolio CEO, responsible for scaling a growing portfolio of businesses. Before joining Relay, she used to work as General Manager at SureSwift, managing several SaaS businesses. Petra used to dance competitively for 10 years and, through that experience, started to travel the world.

Based in Oeiras, Portugal, she has a 2-year-old black labrador Nala, and outside of work, you can often find her on the closest beach.

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Vijay Khandekar
Director of Marketing

Vijay leads marketing for Relay and its portfolio products. He has 10 years of B2B SaaS & e-commerce tech marketing experience, working for early-stage B2B SaaS startups to multi-million dollar companies. Before Relay, Vijay led marketing at companies like SureSwift Capital, Serped, and Pipemonk (acquired by Freshworks).

Based in Bangalore, India, Vijay was once a big-time cricket player with an opportunity to go pro. His latest interest is filming videos, and he is always up for a chat about how to get better at it.

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Austin Simon
Director of Acquisitions

Austin leads our business development and acquisitions team. Prior to Relay, he was a venture capital and private equity investor in the consumer and software sectors. He worked on the ideation and development of several operating businesses funded by BlackRock, Primary Venture Partners, and RSE Ventures.

Austin’s lived on three continents, has seen enough concerts he’s arguably on tour, and is based in New York, NY.

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Nicolas Vibert

As a Portfolio CEO, Nicolas oversees the development and growth of SmartrMail, the leading AI Email Marketing platform for e-commerce. Initially, Co-founder of an online shop, he earned his stripes in the e-commerce SaaS industry through over half a decade of turning SmartrMail into the amazing revenue-making machine it is today.

Outside of work, he is either Rock climbing through Australian National Parks or playing Board Games in the local association he co-founded.

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